Friday, 26 June 2015

Raspberry Pi RF breakout kit on Kickstarter

So, I've done it. Put the Raspberry Pi RF board on Kickstarter. The thing I said I didn't think would work out as it would put me into VAT. In the end I decided I'd have to sell  a huge number to reach the VAT threshold so it was worth the risk. Time will tell how good a decision that was.

What have I learned from putting it all together? Everything costs more than you think it will. When I assembled a kit with components, packaging, instructions, a sticky address label, an invoice, and a Language Spy sticker, it really came home how many items I'd have to price up in quantity. And you learn just how quickly those small items can blow your original estimate out of the water.

Putting the pitch together was the easy bit. Writing comes easily to me. The video is more of a slideshow than a video, I felt there was little point trying to shoot an artsy video for an electronic kit. Kickstarter strongly recommend a video so I did one, that's it.

So here I am, all bases (I hope) covered. Kickstarter's fee and a contingency for lost deliveries factored in, the pitch done, and lead times secured from all suppliers. When I Tweeted the board I got a huge response, let's hope that will translate to a funded project.

So please head on over to the Kickstarter campaign, and if you like it, back it!

The link:

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